Never two steps back.

1239707_10151846047621826_942272436_n‘We will, for the first time in 40 years, actually go backwards.For people accustomed to inexorable progress, this is an almost incomprehensible prospect. Anne Summers’.

“But I am still convinced that man is tougher than any darkness. That man’s hope is the capacity to believe in man, his hope, his aspiration toward a better human condition. The fact that man always hopes toward a better human condition, I think that the purpose of writing, of art, is a record.” Faulkner.


I thought long and hard about whether I would write something political this weekend, the weekend that Australians voted for their next Prime Minister, the weekend that Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party were chosen.

It was a comment made this afternoon regarding this picture and a post made by an artist friend of mine however that made me realise I must.

Looking at this picture we see how the votes were spread. Who was in a majority and who in a minority.

Reflecting on the one seat the greens have, a friend of mine commented on what little hope he felt we had. That there was nothing one seat could do to create any change, to create any balance.

I disagree.

I disagree in the way that History tells us that one voice can make a difference. I disagree because of people like Rosa Parks. I disagree because of people like my friend who after the results were in, posted this on her Facebook:

‘Today I wake with a greater drive to give more love, be more compassionate, make more art, DO MORE and refuse to let our political climate define who we are as a culture. My leader doesn’t define me, I define myself. Lets keep connecting and create the community WE want to see in this world’.

…I disagree because like Faulker suggests, without hope for better, better for yourself and better for others, we have no drive, no movement, no hope for change.

Of course I am speaking from the position of minority here but just because I am one of a small amount of people doesn’t mean that my or their voices become defunct. We can still be heard because we have a right to be heard.

‘Promote what you love rather than bash what you hate’ the saying goes. I believe this is the way forward. To lean into the positive, lean into what puts you and your beliefs in their element. To continue to create when you feel like you’ve been beaten, to continue to define yourself as Polly Sara said above.

We do not have to go backwards or stagnate as a country as Ann Summers said above. As individuals we can continue to move forward. We just have to make that choice to cultivate it, to keep on moving.

Wonder. Meant …that if there is one thing we can be certain of in life it is CHANGE. It will come again.


x Kate



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7 responses to “Never two steps back.

  1. The party is over. So now the hangover begins. Or so it will seem to a large number of people who did not want Abbott as their Prime Minister. The last few years has seen many blogs and media outlets rubbishing the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd governments, with such fowl and venomous tones unheard of in Australian politics before now. I won’t name those I blame for dragging our political scene down into the gutter, but those of you, who follow our politics and aren’t firmly rusted onto one side or the other, will know who they are.
    But now that we have a fresh government, let’s hope our politicians and media will act in the manner most Australians expect them to. Many of them need to clean up their act. We have a great country, and we don’t need regression by those selfish agenda driven ratbags.
    Those who enjoyed the party last night will probably have a hangover for different reasons. They see a great future for Australia under an Abbott led government. Here’s hoping they’re right.
    Every cloud has that silver lining, and I guess one of them has been the amount of material our political scene has provided for political cartoonists. Fantastic !! Australia has some outstanding published cartoonists and many have produced brilliant work over this period.
    My work, mostly unpublished, can be seen here by clicking on this link.

    • Dearest mick
      Mortified as I don’t think I responded to your fabulous comment on this blog post. I am using my iPhone app currently though…it often leaves out things.
      Wonder how you’re feeling now about our current political state?
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write and I wish you a happy new year.

  2. Beautifully written, Kate. Thankyou for sharing.

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