Are You Ok?

“The pieces all fit together. Yet everything was falling apart.” – Nicholas Sparks. The Last Song.

A wise woman I know was recently able to articulate what I could not. When I asked her on Australia’s national ‘R U OK?’ day if indeed she was ok, she was able to discern between her core, her truth and the mess that was on the surface of her skin.

I am always amazed on ‘R U OK’ day that no matter what mud I may be trudging through, no matter how bewildered I might be over events taking place for myself or others, when I take the question and place it at my core… I am, indeed…ok.

I believe that ‘R U OK?’ day can provide a wonderful opportunity for us to go into that core, take stock of all the things we DO have, the simple things that truly matter; and that if indeed we have people in our lives who love us, a roof over our head and good health,  we are more than ok.

In this realisation there’s also an opportunity to see that the wellness of your core can be used to filter the thick mud lining the surface. That it can heal, change our perspective, or simply help us remember that things can and will change.

Wonder. Meant …that asking R U OK? in a meaningful way, in a way that requires one to be honest with oneself and with others, to take stock of what’s important, what one HAS, …sometimes provides a most unexpected answer.

Yes. I am. Thank You.

x Kate


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