What the writer does
Is try to articulate things that
Cannot be done justice
with words.
On a bad day with pen and page
What the writer wishes
Is to be a dancer.



Dear thoughts,
It is high time
this hour
As it were last night
(And the night before that)
To put yourselves in pockets and save yourself
For daydreams.
Tis night
And night is for sleeping.
Kind regards
The rest-less body.



This left over lipstick
Has got me to thinking
Where I left the rest of it.



My heart lept out of my chest just now.
It asked me to wrap it up for safe keeping.
It asked me to keep it somewhere safe for awhile as it feared we were about to be taken for a ride.
‘Cling tight!’it said.
‘Hold me close!’
‘…And whatever happens
under any circumstance


For we have been down that path before.


It’s quiet and cold out here.
Swans look ready to snap.
I hold my umbrella steady.
My knuckles white and blue.



x Kate



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2 responses to “Grievances

  1. Susan Bower

    Excellent idea. There should be more dancing!

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