Before sunrise

She wondered how to tell her skin
that she had secretly escaped from it
numerous times of late.
c a
t t
e r
i n g
she silently picked up the pieces
and held herself together for sunrise.
Before she could be found out by the eyes of daylight.



How do lovers
begin to tell the earth
‘You turn too fast.
We are not ready for



They say
‘The heart aching’.
At your departure
this morning


my body
in essence.



I wish to let the world know this morning
That I must give you up.

You see
I have discovered that landscapes can be traversed from bed.

I have seen star systems and mapped them whilst exploring the universe.

I have heard the groan of tectonic plates as they shift and felt the vibration of lava churning at the core.

I have smelt the air perfumed with wild roses when

And I have ridden waves of ocean roar until they devoured me whole.

All this may seem a grand delusion.

But this kind of madness I am prepared to endure until I choose to return.


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One response to “Before sunrise

  1. Susan Bower

    Both posts beautiful. Mum xx

    “The purpose of the storyteller is to prevent civilisation from destroying itself” Camus Susan Bower Bower Bird Productions. 2311/80 Clarendon St. Southbank 3006 Australia +61 3 96862696 +61 414842510


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