Midnight Musings

1.The wandering soul
Lost in nights illuminations
Silently tore at a multitude of nothings.

2.She wasn’t in the habit of doing anything too delicately, but this evening found that each page deserved a certain courtesy as it was turned.

3.It wasn’t so much the warmth of the evening that caused her to kick back sheets plentiful; she had become distracted by a series of question marks in the dark of whom, quite simply, deserved a good roughing up.

4.Quiet contemplations cause cavernous carnivory.

5. Wrapped up in arms and legs imagined, she threw her weight into the body of her mattress.
At 7.13pm
A body sinking.

Do you want the x’s or o’s
In the tic-tac-toes?
The strings or the bows,
The eyes open or does?
In the throws
Who knows
Which way the game goes
But play! play! til foes
Or love hard so she grows.
X’s or o’s
Always play for loves ‘woahs’.


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