Stray sounds found us eventually
But even then
They were just a blur.
We willed them away as the sun does a blanket of morning mist over the valley:
Touching it gently but with force enough that it shrinks and cowers in the warmth,
All bows and apologies for ever having thought to disturb.

There is a state
Pensive marks the face lost
Love looks hopeful rather than elated
and vacant nodding replaces otherwise thoughtful responses to life’s communications.
The eyes will tell you the best they can what ails them,
but you will be hard to catch them;
for in this state
Everything about them looks

She laid her body bare
Stretched it out on the cool, tiled floor of the bathroom.
Voices danced somewhere outside
giggled amongst splashes…
But she
in a quiet place
found herself tracing star systems across her skin.
At what moment the voices outside were lost
she couldn’t tell you.
But from the floor
some moments later
Her toes curled
Her body rippled
and without voice
she sighed
from her journey across the universe.

x Kate


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