Happy National Poetry Writing Month- Day 4

Today marks the fourth day of National Poetry Writing Month.

An invitation has been extended to poets to ‘stop and smell the roses’. To celebrate and practice their craft by writing a poem a day for the whole month. There will be prompts (for instance today’s prompts from NaPoWriMo is to ‘to write a charm – a simple rhyming poem, in the style of a recipe-slash-nursery rhyme’) and poetry writers have been asked to submit their sites and blogs if they wish to participate.

I’m giving it a go (?!%|>**) and so for the next month I will be posting a poem a day here at Wonder.Meant.

So far the journey, as much as the practice, has only been eye opening. For instance, I’ve realised how much I compose my thoughts about the things I am being inspired by on a daily basis in a similar style and format to how I’d write a poem. In other words, I’ve realised I’m composing poetry all the time.

I’ve also realised there are certain emotions I avoid leaning into in my work. I think this is because I lean away from them in my daily life.

Anger I avoid at great length and yet I feel it much more than I’m prepared to admit, to others yes, but even to myself.

Only my family have seen it, and those who I have given compassion, love and understanding too for a long period of time who have not given me the same courtesy. When my anger erupts on such occasions I’ve been told it’s pretty loud and forthcoming; and so I’d like to challenge myself to delve into those places of anger more in my work, to be honest with myself about my anger in the hope I can avoid slapping the air as hard as I may do those every couple of years; and so that I don’t bottle it up, causing more damage to myself in the long run than to my relationships.


Pep talk

Your self has become a
Found on the ground
Looking for an edge to spill over
But unwilling to take courage
to enjoy the thrust.
And shrinking
Unwilling to stand on the brink.
Gouge your self out from there
And fight.


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