Happy National Poetry Writing Month – Day 10

Today marks the 10th day of National Poetry Writing Month.

An invitation has been extended to poets to ‘stop and smell the roses’. To celebrate and practice their craft by writing a poem a day for the whole month. There will be prompts from NaPoWriMo and poetry writers have been asked to submit their sites and blogs if they wish to participate.

I’m giving it a go (?!%|>**) and so for the next month I will be posting a poem a day here at Wonder.Meant.

Today’s poem’s inspiration may be obvious to those living in Melbourne these last few days. It’s been pouring and as a result, our gorgeous gardens look like a Gothic paradise. It has reminded me so much of an autumn I spent in Sweden once. Such colors and such dark fairytale like forests… only Melbourne I feel could provide something as magical and so inspiring to a Kate Ellis like me : )





burnt by the heavy burden of rain.

Autumn colors now a glitter of gold

around the

blackened stumps.

A twinkle in the eye.





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