Fathers and their chicks

I’ve been thinking about becoming
A father
Becoming a man with fresh eyes
When they look on their daughters and say
‘I won’t be letting you anywhere near them. Those boys’
It makes me wonder
What you want of us
When you’re teenagers
When you’re twenty something’s
When you head out to
‘Pick up’
As if we’ve been dropped off somewhere
just for you.
When you discard or disregard as
‘just some chick ‘
You were hanging out with
When the chase becomes wolf and hound.
Do we dangle in front of you?
Are we so shiny and irresistible
A quick fix in a shop front window
Worn once for pleasure?
We dry ourselves on washing lines once after
And our ‘ever after’ becomes the Cinderella in rags
‘some chick’
you will remember only when you become
A father.


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