We are told to replace love.

That is the way to do it the world says.

‘The best way to get over someone is to get under them’.

Whoever dictated such ludicrousy has surely felt the weighted ache

For love is a tangling far greater than under and over.

It is through-

Becomes the strengthening of cartilage in your bones

the oxytocin & the forging of neural pathways

(strong enough that you can no longer remember a time when you didn’t hang the washing out THIS way).

It is beside-

Even in absence (tell me – how long have you left their side of the bed void?)

It is behind-

in memory, now distorted, heightened and illuminating all choices

you. are. making. from. now.

Over and under is but one way to tangle.

When one is knotted intestinally

the gut knows it will take a greater unravelling.

Certainly my body cannot betray my love to something you can achieve 90percent of the time.

For it is through, beside, behind and now




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