Watching the grass grow 

I want to push through earth like you do

A sharp tongue testing the air before the gasp.

I want to penetrate erectly into the void

and see what my body will respond to.

Actually. Can I ask a personal question… ?



Do you groan as you grow?

And when a breeze makes you quiver

Or a rain drop dribbles down your spine

do your roots curl like toes do?

Such a slow and steady rising …

and witnessed by dirt



and the soles of many…

I do not know how you don’t extend yourself in girth and expanse like the oak tree.

For I would surely explode.


* A note to the reader- this came about from todays poetry prompt from a facebook group I belong to. We were ask to write to the idea that there was nothing quite as boring ‘as watching the grass grow’. As you can imagine, I can’t think of anything that would keep me more present and therefore, more titilated. X Kate


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