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Some thing beauty full

‘Come down from the mountain
You’ve been gone too long’. Fleet foxes.

‘From little things, big things grow’. Paul Kelly.

Some thing beauty full found me this morning.
Part of me wonders if I need tell you what it was, that perhaps this moment was just for me.
I can tell you it was small…
And that you probably have one somewhere in your house…
And that maybe you DON’T think it’s beauty full at all…
But seeing it there
I did.
I’ve talked before about the wonder children find in treasures, those things they find on their travels, seemingly every day but with eyes wide open, anything but. That a stick becomes a sword or a wand, that a pebble becomes a gold coin or a diamond… But this is not the found treasure I am talking about this morning.
This is not just a thing but conceivably a moment also; a happening or object you ‘bear witness to’. This phrase in fact means ‘to show by your existence that something is true’: and so, harking back to my statement earlier, there may not be a need to share specifically what the beauty full thing was, because it is only through my existence, my moment with it just now, that the thing is beauty full at all.
If the thing or happening is not important in this conversation, what is?
What is important is how witnessing beauty can make you feel.
This week I am learning how a collective conscious can make or break you. That if you and everyone else around you is dropping coins, there is a potential for all of you to end up on the floor together. When on the ground, if all choose to scramble frantically, fight for the coins or simply lie down and give up entirely, no one is any richer, in fact arguably poorer with the amount of energy wasted on doing the task with fear, anxiety or simply all alone.
However if as a group when faced with mountains we work together, the task is easier, the feeling generally lighter and everyone ends up a lot richer.
The experience I had with some thing beautiful this morning has opened my mind to other experiences I have had of late that could have aided and abetted a healthier, more sustainable outlook toward the mountain. But being as closed as I have been, tired, fighting tasks rather than accepting them, I am wondering how many opportunities myself and my equally tired group have been missing to ‘top up’. What beauty has there been around and even within us to assist the collective conscious so we can continue to move forward?
Just this week for instance I witnessed…
A kiss shared on the corner of a street.
A heart felt thank you.
An offer of time.
An offer of coffee.
A person who was prepared and open to simply listening to me.
… all around me, HUGS.
In times of hardship, when it is hard to see beyond the mountain, a top up can be had when we are open to a moment or a thing of beauty. To really breathe it in no matter how small or everyday it may seem. In fact I would suggest that it’s the smaller moments that possess more meaningful expressions of beauty because they are often more raw and in this way more honest.
I’ve seen countless people cry this week but rather than see the tears as yet another example of how exhausted we all are, to use these tears to feed the ‘doom and gloom’, perhaps the choice instead is to see those hands that extend to the back of the person crying, to the base of the spine lovingly and with a level of quiet care and understanding. In choosing to see this moment more than the tears, perhaps I would see just how beauty full everything still is and that though we may not now be able to swim in Olympic like fashion to the finish line, together we can certainly float.
Wonder. Meant …that just because your world appears a little ugly at present, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. Beauty is present-ing itself all around us, take it in and float to the finish line.
x Kate

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