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Still. noisy. 


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There there 

When the alarm went off at 5.30

I’m sure you were there.

That early a.m.

Pre travel excitement 

made me tickle you awake and say

‘It’s time’. 

On the train on the way to the airport

I watched as you pulled out a book. 

I got silly wanting you to talk to me about our impending trip. 

You sighed with a smile and closed the book on your lap.

I’m sure you were there.

At the airport 

Me wanting my first coffee

You frustrated.

You just want to get to the gate.

We struggled a little against our wants.

I know you were there.

As I reached for my seat belt on the plane I heard you unclasp your belt buckle in our bathroom

In our bedroom after a long day

At our bed

By the couch

By the table

And that one time in a hotel room by the television. 

I’m sure you were there. 

As the plane lifts off the tarmac 

I turn to take your hand…

‘There there’ I say to myself

Here. Here.



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The mistress and the woman who loves.

The Mistress

Do not apologise for your behavior

for then

I have to apologise for mine.

Do not look on me with

those eyes –

they are not meant for me

those are the eyes of love.

And do not leave your ghost in my house

when I cannot leave mine with you.

Your ghost does nothing for me

but tickle skin that desires to be grabbed

on nights you can’t come over.



Just sleep

I would like to sleep with you.

…you misunderstand my meaning.

Though of course I would like what my words may imply

what I mean


is what I said.







I wish to curl up beside you in the aftermath

and drift off…

I would like to be in comfort

in quiet

in stillness

held here

in it

with it

…with you.

There will be a time of course

where we separate


in slumber

where we drift off into night time imaginings…

but this is a perfect place for people who love:





I would very much like to sleep with you.

x Kate

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