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Dearest friends. This morning I woke up with a sense of excitement.

This. Year. Is. About. To. End.

Though structured time is something humans came up with, day does become night and summer becomes autumn, winter, then spring. We are afforded seasonal changes, night time for reflection; and in that, my excitement comes from the opportunity to close off the year in order to begin again.

If you’re into numerology, next year is in fact a ‘1’ year. This is a fun thought I’m kinda reveling in. In it – potential for a rebirth. To take all the learning done and become something new.

Globally and personally, learning has been done in some of the most harrowing ways. I have protested countless times with countless others on the streets of Melbourne city… and done some personal stomping and straight talking when the injustices have impacted me specifically.

I’ll be honest. I’m not satisfied with a great deal of what is. I want something better. Something new.

I have been grateful for the particular ‘news’ that have come my way, specifically in the form of new people (and perhaps new incarnations of existing relationships). New, creative souls who speak the same language. Time with these people have helped me see what is possible in this coming year as much as what is in me that I haven’t been giving enough attention to. I am so grateful that life can continue to open in this way and that I continue to open to it.

I am grateful more than ever to those friends and family who continue to stand beside me. Can I have a posse? Cause you’re all it.

What I want from next year… from now… is so close I feel I could explode. I’m impatient and fiery. Some of it I’m not sure how to go about getting but the questions are strong enough as to drive the curiosity that will, at the very least, bring adventure.

And I want to champion the hell out of getting you there too. To and through your adventure. I am more admiring of the unique souls in my life than ever right now. And so I’m going to champion you good.

What else have I learned?
The importance of letting go. Of kneeling down, forehead to the earth.

I’ve learned I have a voice that can speak its core truth. Without etiquette or thinking of others first. This is a good thing for a Kate like me.

And I’ve learned again this year how deeply flawed Us humans are. Beautiful but flawed.

The archetype of the flawed hero tells us this is how we learn… to become better heroes What potential is there for us all now?

I hope next year sees us all elevating into a next version of our heroic selves. Stronger. More Glorious. Compassionate. Fiery. Centered. Grounded.

Whatever you are ready to become… go get it.

Happy new year humans.




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