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Pornography – we have to talk about this.


I first truly became aware (shocked) by the now known effects the porn industry (because it is an industry. A business. Whose intent is to make money) has on the sexual health of boys, girls, men and women, attending a full day teacher PD (professional development course) with Maree Crabbe. Maree Crabbe heads the Reality and Risk program, ‘…a project at the leading edge of international community-based efforts to address the harms associated with children’s and young people’s exposure to and consumption of pornography.’

In this one day intensive as much as within Gail Dine’s book, these facts were addressed:

  • Boys encounter porn on average at the age of 11 years old.
  • Porn is now easily accessible because of its prevalence on the internet.
  • As porn is a business, who’s intent is to make money, and as there is such a great demand for pornography, ‘gonzo’ style porn has become the prevalent style of porn.
  • Gonzo porn features hard-core, body punishing sex in which women are demeaned and debased. Where you can see the physical harm and grief the sex is having on the women involved (they are crying, they are red and swollen around their genitals) and it. is. celebrated in the videos with close up shots on the effected areas, and titles for these videos screaming ‘Join us now to Access Complete Degradation’ (this is an actual title as cited in Gail Dine’s book).
  • Medical reports and testimonies from men are showing porn is having an effect on erectile function and the ability to have intimate, long term relationships.
  • Medical reports are now showing new conditions in young girls who are having porn style sex with their young male boyfriends ‘…their sexuality is increasingly shaped by (porn) as the men they partner with want to play out porn sex on their bodies… Some capitulate, some negotiate, and many are confused as to why the men they hook up with, date or marry are always trying to push the sexual envelope’, pg xii, Pornland.

As a teacher, as a female and as a lover of intimate, respectful relationships I rage and I grieve that this is the sex education 11 year old boys are getting, that this is the first experience that young women might have of sex, that the impact of porn is greatly effecting the ability for adult men and women to have respectful, trusting, communicative, intimate sex; and I grieve other reports of women not being able to have long term relationships with men in a world full of porn because porn teaches to use, discard, then use someone else.

I urge you to read Pornland and to access the link provided to Maree Crabbe’s work. If you watch porn I urge you to critically examine what you are watching. If you are in a relationship, having casual sex… I urge you to talk to your partner about the kind of sex you are having. Is everyone enjoying it?





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