Kate Ellis is a Drama Coach for film and television actors, a writer; and teaches Drama, Poetry and other writing genres to high school, primary school and kindergarten students.


She believes very much that actively seeking out the little things, the moments of everyday poetry, one can look upon the world the way a child does…with wide eyed wonderment.

Kate has performed and trained with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre in Brisbane, performed at the Queensland Theatre and NIDA, has trained with female macho dancer Eisa Jocson and Director Tanya Gerstle in PULSE; has trained with renowned Butoh artists Sankai Juku and trained and performed in Italy with Butoh master Atsushi Takenouchi. She has also appeared in various television shows such as The Saddle Club (series two and three), Winners and Losers, Wentworth and for television commercials.

Kate has run specialised workshops for Neighbours cast members, NIDA students, facilitated a drama program to refugee children at Villawood Refugee Detention Centre, was the Drama Coach for popular children’s television show The Saddle Club (series three) and for Jonathan M. Shiff Productions Lightning Point, Reef Drs and Mako; Island of Secrets (filming at Village Roadshow studios on the Gold Coast).

In her 34th year, after being published in 2010’s The Modern Woman’s Anthology and winning various competitions for her poetry, Kate began putting passionate energy and focus into her career as a writer. In 2013 she was employed as the content writer for a company who’s ethos she firmly believes in, TOM Organic and has been published by sexologist Juliet Allen, and online teaching journal IDIOM.

She has a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) majoring in Film and Sociology, a performance degree and is currently completing her Masters in Education at the prestigious Melbourne University.

In 2014 she began working for the beautiful community of teachers and students that is Melbourne’s Preshil Primary and Secondary School. She has taught a variety of subjects at the grade 5 and 6 Primary level and runs elective subjects Acting for Industry and Poetry Writing at the senior school.

In 2015 she was awarded the position of VCE Drama teacher and assistant to artist Lisa Roet and Jane Karnowski in the schools Artist in Schools Program (c/o Creative Victoria’s arts grant).

In 2016 she was the Drama Coach to Alice Foulcher during the production and filming of Australian Film, That’s Not Me which will have its world premier at 2017’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival and it’s Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival. She was also awarded a full time position at Preshil’s senior school as the year 9-12 Drama teacher.

In 2017 she will be teaching years 7, 8, 10 and 12 Drama alongside year 12 English. She has also applied for a residency in Iceland during the Iceland Writers Retreat, The Wheeler Centres ‘Hot Desk’ Fellowship and The State Libraries ‘Creative Fellowship Grant’.  She has also submitted a children’s book manuscript to Penguin and will be working on an educational film with company Makedo.

Kate’s favorite time of the day is 6am, preferably in the cool of autumn, with a storm, a first cup of coffee, stillness, quiet and her current lover …whatever book she happens to be reading at the time.


2 responses to “About

  1. Wow, cool bio. I love how well you know yourself- last sentence. I’m in the midst of two young children home full time, while its lovely, trying and very rewarding, you’ve made me dream forward as to new life and career paths. Thank you for a small moment of escape.
    Ps I never leave comments usually ☺️

    • Hi Michelle : ) How lovely of you to reach out with your thoughts. To take the time and generously say these lovely things. Its funny you know as I am desperate to be a mother. Have always longed for it. So I am looking for what you have. I am glad you find it rewarding as much as trying. Much love and thank YOU : ) Kate

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